So, You Want A Scrolling JavaScript, Huh?

By Joe Burns


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What is the difference between Java and JavaScript?
Disclaimer! Read this right now!

Please read this before we go any further.

  • If you wish to use this script you will have to follow the rules laid out by the author. He, Chris Skinner, wishes to be given credit in your source code. (If you don't know what that means--stay with me here--I'll walk you through it.)

    Okay then, let's get started!

    First: You will need the script to place on your HTML page. I have it right here in a simple text format (if you're using IE, just click View, Source to get the text). I will refer to the script often, so click to see the script, look it over, and come back for instructions on how to use it for yourself.

    Welcome back. Looks like strange chicken scratch? Yeah, it does to me, too. But it works great. Here's what you do.

    • It would be easiest if you would open a text file and create a new HTML document right along with this tutorial. Just click between the three pages (this page, the JavaScript, and the text editor).
    • Open the text editor. Mark the page <HTML> and then put in a <TITLE> and </TITLE> commands, just as you would start any other basic HTML document.
    • Now highlight and copy the ENTIRE java.txt file you just looked at.
    • Paste the entire deal immediately following the <TITLE> you just made on the text editor.
    • Look again at the script; the author has allowed you permission to use it as long as you leave in his name. That is already done for you if you paste the whole deal like I asked you to. In addition, I've placed a line in there for you to enter your name as the one who hacked the program for yourself. See it? It says:


    • Go ahead and place your name and today's date there replacing "your name here--the date here"
    • Now look a little farther down the JavaScript. You'll see three lines marked:


    • Go ahead and put in whatever three lines of text you want. Let's keep this clean, huh?
      Note: If you only use one or two of the lines of text, put a period as the third line of text. This script requires all three lines to have something.
    • Now look toward the bottom of the JavaScript. Note I have entered BODY BACKGROUND=######. That's where you place your BGCOLOR, LINK, VLINK, BODY BACKGROUND, etc., etc. commands. Get them in the front part of the command before the "onLoad" command starts.


    I did not write this JavaScript. A person named Chris Skinner did and he has graciously allowed us to use it as long as you include his name in the source code. If you follow this tutorial, you will do that. In addition, neither I nor Chris assume any responsibility for any damage this code does to your hard- or software. You use it at your own risk. You may want to contact your Webmaster to see if any problems may arise in the use of this JavaScript.
    Back Up To The Top To Get Started

    That should do it. It's the first Java I have gotten to work consistently and the author said I can distribute it--so I did. I hope you get it to work. I can answer questions only about the installation, but not about the JavaScript itself. Good luck and happy scrolling!

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