/beyond/javascript/article.php/3470871/Handling-Email-Forms.htm Handling Email Forms

Handling Email Forms

By Vince Barnes

This HTML Goodies mini-series shows how to use
some of the more important Date and Time tools for Web Developers.
Server Side and Client Side tools are discussed, along with some
special considerations for the Web


When it comes to adding dynamic content to a website, the date and time frequently pop into mind among the first such items to be considered.  Which tool to use under which circumstance is a little more complicated when it comes to dates and times than some other types of content, however.  With dates and times it is necessary to remember where you are getting your information from and to whom you are delivering it.  The question arises as to whether "4/6" is in April or in June, for example.

Step through this mini-series to learn about the available tools and to develop yourself into a globally thinking citizen of the World Wide Web!

Part One:    Using the Date object

Part Two:   Formatting for Locales

Part Three: What is the time anyway?



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