10 Best WordPress Plugins for Advertising

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    OIO Publisher

    OIO Publisher

    OIO Publisher is a powerful plugin that allows you to keep 100 percent of your advertising profits. It works by allowing you to sell ad space directly from your site through an automated process where advertisers can come directly to you and fill out a self-service form. If you’d like to maintain control over the ads, there’s an option to hold them in moderation before they go live.

    With OIO Publisher, you can sell banner ads, text links, paid reviews, or custom products, and you can display the ads through a widget or by using a shortcode. The plugin also tracks impressions and click through rates (CTR) for each ad to maximize your control. Get started for only $47.

Are you thinking about capitalizing on your WordPress blog? One way to make money online is by placing ads near your content and generating income based on views and ad clicks.

Getting set up is easier than it sounds. All you need is to create a WordPress blog and then install an advertising plugin that will handle most of the background work for you. Then, watch your income climb. Start with one of these best WordPress plugins for advertising, listed in no particular order.

With one of these WordPress plugins, you should be able to quickly start making money by advertising on your site. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the plugins will do all the work for you. Consider what type of content you’re promoting—you want it to be relevant to your visitors—and don’t be afraid to test the ad placement to see what will earn you the most money. Which one of these plugins will you try first?

Author Bio: Catherrine Garcia is an experienced Web Developer at HostingFacts.com and a passionate blogger. She loves to share her knowledge through her articles on web development and WordPress.

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