Top 10 WordPress Resources You Should Be Using In 2017

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    WordPress Codex

    WordPress Codex

    WordPress Codex is a kind of manual that is arranged by WordPress.org. This online manual is free to use and can be very useful for both the experienced user as well as for the beginners. Well, if you are searching for some dependable, reliable information and documentation regarding the websites in WordPress then this online manual is the thing for you. Be it WordPress installation or download, with the help of this unique official WordPress resource, you can easily get started with using WordPress themes and plugins. From troubleshooting issues regarding design, plugins, themes and sites to providing full access to the support forums, WordPress Codex can help you in ways m0re than you can think of. This is probably the best place where you can get all information about WordPress directly from its official WordPress site.

Over the past few years, WordPress has become tremendously popular, powering over 26% of the world wide web. Whether as an effective tool for website creation or as a CMS or even as a powerful blogging medium, WordPress has a widespread use in everything. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are all new to using WordPress or a professional developer, it is because of it being so robust that anyone can easily create new sites with it, without spending lots of money.


What do you think, what makes it so user-friendly that more and more people are falling in love with it with each passing moment! Well, it is the various resources that WordPress platform offers to its users. Even people, who do not know how to use this platform at all, end up creating amazing blogs with the help you WordPress resources. There are various great resources available on blog building, website hosting review, theme and plugin installation, WordPress Cheet Sheet and video blogs that helps a great deal in helping you build your desired WordPress theme. With new and fresh resources being introduced every year, here are the top 10 WordPress resources that you should definitely be using in 2017.


By Catherrine Garcia

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