Adobe Photoshop to Edge Reflow Tips and Tricks

By Nathan Segal

In this article we look at the process of using Adobe Photoshop and Edge Reflowwith the Generator plugin. Note that this is designed for both Photoshop and Reflow within the Creative Cloud.

In the previous article we looked at the process of connecting the programs. In this article we'll create a simple layout in Photoshop which will be imported into Edge Reflow.

Here's a simple layout in Photoshop CC.

Here is the organization of the layers.

Using the Generator plugin to create the layout went smoothly; until I opened the project in Reflow. As you can see, the layout is a mess and it's clear that something went wrong in the translation.

After contacting technical support, it turns out that there was additional text, not appearing on the page that caused part of the problem. I deleted that extra text and output the project again.

This is the result. As you can see, it's not perfect but better than the previous layout. Technical support didn't have an answer for me as to why I was having these issues. I also noticed I wasn't the only one having Generator output difficulties, as you can see by this thread.

In an attempt to resolve the problem I decided to selectively turn off layer groups in Photoshop then output those to Reflow and see if I could figure out what went wrong.