Sunday, September 25, 2022

Top Ten Search Optimization Tips for Web Developers

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a form of website marketing that seeks to achieve the best possible results in generating referrals from web search engines. This article for the web developers tells you 10 tips that will help you make your SEO campaign successful.

An SEO project enables the web developer to define the focus and scope of web content, along with the internal aspects that are appropriate for search engines. A successful search engine optimization project balances resources–in time, effort and money–between creating good content that is organized properly for search engine indexing, and promoting the content through website linking via other websites.

This whitepaper focuses on helping the web developer with their SEO project by starting with 10 tips:

  1. SEO works best when incorporated from the start.
  2. On-page factors are found in both the HEAD and BODY.
  3. Each page should empasize 1-3 unique expressions.
  4. No one factor is more important than others.
  5. Usability and accessibility standards are great SEO guidelines.
  6. HTML elements do not “hurt” SEO.
  7. Don’t be sneaky.
  8. Repetition is important but should not be abused.
  9. Link effectively, not profusely.
  10. Use on-page factors that help SEO.

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