Monday, September 25, 2023

Mobile and Desktop Search Engine Optimization Differences

If you are already working on search engine optimization for your website, you may be wondering if you need to do anything special for mobile SEO? Ask 10 SEO experts and you may get 10 different answers, but the truth is, yes, if you’re not including mobile SEO in your project, you are missing out on an opportunity that is getting more important every day.

The first part of mobile SEO simply involves applying what you know about standard SEO practices to your mobile offerings. There are, however, some differences that you will want to know about before you dive in.

One of the more obvious differences come up if you are working on SEO for a mobile app, rather than a mobile website. In the case of the mobile app, the smart SEO pro realizes that even the extremely popular iPhone apps are only used by seven percent of iPhone users. The importance of mobile SEO, especially for mobile apps, then becomes even more important.

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