Developer Whitepaper: Optimizing Performance for the Adobe Flash Platform

By HTMLGoodies Staff

By using Adobe Flash Player, developers are able to use the same Flash Player on mobile devices and desktop computers. This whitepaper uses code examples and case outlines to show the best practices for developers who wish to deploy applications on mobile devices.

This discussion covers general concerns, including memory and CPU usage, then moves on to address ActionScript optimizations with a focus on mobile devices. Although this whitepaper is focused on apps which run inside mobile browsers, these tips also apply to Adobe AIR as well as the iPhone packager which ships with Flash CS5.

Chapters include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Conserving memory
  3. Minimizing CPU usage
  4. ActionScript 3.0 performance
  5. Rendering performance
  6. Optimizing network interaction
  7. Working with media
  8. SQL Database performance
  9. Benchmarking and deploying

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