/tutorials/web_graphics/article.php/3481951/Digital-Video-Relative-Size.htm Digital Video: Relative Size

Digital Video: Relative Size

By Joe Burns

[Small Video Picture - 17K]
One-Quarter Video Screen Size
AVI Format
With Sound - 323KB
No Sound - 305KB
MPEG Format
With Sound - 560KB
No Sound - 513KB
Quicktime Format
With Sound - 299KB
No Sound - 275KB

[Large Video Picture - 32K]  Video Capture Size
AVI Format
With Sound - 2.54MB
No Sound - 2.05MB
MPEG Format
With Sound - 1.48MB
No Sound - 1.34MB
Quicktime Format
With Sound - 866MB
No Sound - 897MB

Video Specs

      This is an idea of the frame size and byte content of a video file. These numbers are approximate and any video you produce may be a bit higher or lower due to compression rate, frames captured per second, or colors displayed.

The Following Video Are:

  • 15 frames per second
  • 256 colors
  • JPEG Compression of 50%
    - the Quicktime movie uses the Intel Indeo [R] compression.
  • Frame sizes can be made smaller or larger.

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