Tables: Table of Contents

By Joe Burns


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Table Tutorials
Present information, frame pictures, and give someone the date.

If you're looking for tutorials on charts, go here

  • So, You Want A Table, Huh?
         This is an introduction to placing Tables on your Web pages. If you're starting to use tables, start here.

  • So, You Want A Table Inside A Table, Huh?
         This is a quick tutorial about putting one inside the other.

  • So, You Want Advanced Table Commands, Huh?
         This tutorial explains how to re-size the cells, rows, and columns allowing them to span as far as you want, across as many cells as you want.

  • So, You Want An HTML Calendar, Huh?
         Learn how to use Table commands to create a calendar to place on your page.

  • So, You Want Some Color In Your Tables, Huh?
         Use this tutorial to change the background color of your Netscape-based tables. You can create some really awful color combinations, let me tell you....

  • HTML 4.0: Tables
         This is a long list of examples on how HTML 4.0 affects table creation.

  • Rounded Corners in Tables
         What was once square is now round.

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