Forms Tutorials: Table of Contents

By Joe Burns


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  • So, You Want A Form, Huh?
         This is a basic forms tutorial. It explains the basics of placing input items on an HTML page. It's best to read this one first, before tackling the guestbook tutorial below.

  • So, You Want A Guestbook, Huh?
         This is what everyone wants from a form. A guestbook! Read on... and you shall have one of your very own.

  • So, You Want An Image Starting Your Form, Huh?
         Instead of using the dull gray submit button, why not use a colorful image to submit your form data? Here's how.

  • So, You Want A Searchable Database, Huh?
         Use AltaVista or HotBot for your own site.

  • Limiting Checkbox Use
         Here's a script that limits the number of checkboxes a person can choose. If you've ever put up checkboxes and found that users checked every box, every time...this one's for you.

  • So, You Want A Form Attachments, Huh?
         Try to attach files to your email right from your Web pages.

  • Working with MSIE's AutoComplete
         Use it or don't.

         Spice Up Those Forms in IE.

  • Tabindex Command
         Set your forms to jump correctly when a user hits the tab key.

  • CSS and Forms
         Style Sheets allow you so much control over your forms.

  • Enable/Disable Buttons
         Use a checkbox to either enable or disable your form elements.

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