So, You Want An Image Starting Your Form, Huh?

By Joe Burns

     Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Below is a simple form. However, instead of a link button starting it off, the user clicks on an image. Like so:

Please enter your name:

Make any comments you'd like below:

Thanks for your input

How It's Done

     There's no need showing you how the form is made. I go over that in the forms tutorial and the guestbook tutorial pretty well. What I am concerned with here is the input button. Here's the format I used to make the button above:

<INPUT TYPE="image" SRC="hgbutt.gif" HEIGHT="24" WIDTH="129" BORDER=0 ALT="picture button">

     Notice it's the same format as the normal link button except instead of the type being "SUBMIT", it's now "IMAGE". The SRC has to be added to call for the image and the height, width, border, and alt commands define the image for the browser, and lose the blue border that comes with an active image link.

     I hope you can use this in your own pages!


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