So, You Want An Explorer Scrolling Marquee, Huh?

By Joe Burns

     Those of you using Netscape can see the hilariously funny joke in text form at the top of the screen. If you were using Microsoft Explorer, you would see it scrolling, allowing you to read the joke again and again and again. And as we all know, jokes get funnier the more you tell them.

     To start enjoying the scrolling fun, head to the Microsoft Explorer Download Page and grab yourself Internet Explorer. I have it on the same computer as my Netscape. I use it for some pages and Netscape for others. They have yet to interfere with each other.

The Marquee

     Marquee? It looks like a scroll. Well... yes, it is a scroll, but the command to make it happen is "marquee". Here are the commands I used to make the thing up above:

<MARQUEE BGCOLOR="#80FF00" LOOP="infinite" >text text text</marquee>

Here's What's Happening:

  • MARQUEE tells Explorer a scrolling marquee is going here.
  • BGCOLOR tells the marquee what color to put behind the text.
    (Here are a bunch of color codes for you.)
  • LOOP="infinite" tells the marquee to roll that text forever.
    (Put a number in place of "infinite" to tell it how many times it should roll.)
  • /MARQUEE ends the whole deal.

Can I Do Other Things?

     You bet. I only used a few of the available commands. Here are a couple more. You'll place them inside the first MARQUEE command just like the BGCOLOR and LOOP command above.

  • HEIGHT="----" denotes height of the marquee. Do it in percentage of the screen height.
  • WIDTH="----" denotes width of the marquee. Do it in percentage of the screen width.
  • ALIGN="----" top, left, or middle in the marquee banner.
  • DIRECTION="----" left or right. That's where the text comes from. Right is default.
  • BEHAVIOR="----" "scroll" is default, "slide" has the text come in and stop, "alternate" makes the text come from both sides every other time.
  • HSPACE="----" tells the marquee how much space to leave on each side of the text. Denote this in pixels.
  • SCROLLAMOUNT="----" tells the browser how much space between successive scrolls. Do this in pixels.
  • SCROLLDELAY="----" denotes the number of milliseconds (thousands) between each scroll.
  • VSPACE="----" denotes the top and bottom space before the text. Do this in pixels.

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