Browser Tutorials: Table of Contents

By Joe Burns


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  • So, You Want An IE Marquee, Huh?
         Explorer offers a very simple text scroll. They call it a Marquee. Here's how you do it.

  • So, You Want IE Commands, Huh?
         This is a list of the extra commands Explorer offers over the Netscape browser. Most are extensions of what Netscape can do. They produce more color or allow more manipulation of data.

  • So, You Want Cascading Style Sheets, Huh?
         These commands are now supported cross-browser so they are becoming very popular. Set all font size and face commands at once! All your pages read from one template: That's the style sheet.

  • So, You Want Visual Basic Scripting, Huh?
         VBScript is a Microsoft original. It's quite close to the earlier version of JavaScript, but still a tried and true Explorer model.

  • Click...It's Copied!
         Copy to the clipboard...right from the browser!

  • So, You Want to Know About ASP, Huh?
         Active Server Pages (ASP) are becoming more and more popular. Here I'll explain how it works and offer some examples for your site.

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