Google Chrome - Do We Need Another Shiny New Browser?

By Curtis Dicken

What's missing…

Help documentation, especially for the developer tools. If you want to figure out the JavaScript Console or Debugger it's going to be a lot of trial and error. Neither tool has built-in documentation which can make searching for answers quite frustrating. Even the help for the browser itself is rather simplistic, sometimes making it difficult to find answers.

Chrome only runs on Windows XP SP2 and Vista, sorry no Linux or Mac.

Those are the major issues that I have with Chrome at its current stage of development. There are also several other known issues that are being addressed. If you would like to see some of the issues that the project is facing with the 2.0 beta version you can read about it here: http://www.google.com/ support/chrome/bin/static.py?page=known_issues.cs.

Will we have to account for Chrome when we create websites?

Since Chrome still has a less than 2% market share in the browser world, it's not really a factor at this point. Considering the size of Google its employees probably make up for about 50% of that market share figure <wink>. Even though it has some quirks and issues, the general rendering of web pages in Chrome is quite consistent and fast. It shouldn't be anything that will alter your website design and development methods any time soon.

Will Chrome become a new standard?

It definitely has the potential to become a major player in the browser wars but it will need some significant time and additional refinement before it creeps up into the top 3. At this point it's most significant hurdle will be versions that run on other operating systems other than Windows.


Google Chrome is a great surfing and searching browser. It's intuitive, fast, secure and reliable. It has great potential for web designers and developers with some great developer tools built right into the browser. At this point I use Chrome regularly for browsing but I still use other tools for my web development and debugging because the Chrome built-in tools are not quite up to par yet. I plan to keep an eye out for future releases and hope to someday call Chrome my favorite but not just yet. Being that this is an open source project all you turbo-geeks out there are welcome to participate. If that is your thing I'm sure they would appreciate the help. Who knows, you may even get some recognition for your contribution.

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