Tutorials: Backgrounds: Table of Contents

By Joe Burns

Background Tutorials
Make textures, pictures, and colors as your page background!
  • So, You Want A Background, Huh?
         Learn how to tile a texture or picture across your document. Or just use a basic color for your text. I usually use white, like on this page. Also, learn how to make your own background images.

  • So, You Want A Side-Line Background, Huh?
         Get that great stripe down the left-hand side of the page. Plus learn how to make it so images and text ride nicely on top of it.

  • So, You Want Style Sheets and Backgrounds, Huh?
         You can do a lot with text and page backgrounds through CSS commands. Here I've tried to run down all available events (including multiple backgrounds) and describe how to use positioning to set background watermarks.

  • So, You Want The Goodies Swoosh Background, Huh?
         I've gotten so many letters from so many people asking how I get that great swoosh effect. Here's how!

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