Marvel Comics Jumps Joins the HTML5 Crowd

By HTMLGoodies Staff

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We all know what an ebook is, but what about an e-comic book? Marvel Comics just joined the HTML5 revolution, and is using HTML5 to power its online comics division--and the experience is optimized for the Chrome web browser.

Similar to their iPad app, their new web-based application features over 1,600 comics, including some that are free, and others that sell for $2 per comic. Marvel exec Ira Rubenstein sees the app as an inevitable expansion, stating that "Marvel Comics on Chrome is the next step of Marvel;s commitment to making high-definition digital comics available to users anytime, anywhere."

Readers are able to click on-screen arrows to flick through the pages, and purchases made through the Marvel Comics app on iTunes will also be accessible via the Chrome store at no additional cost.