Joomla Releases 2.5.4. Security and New Features

By HTMLGoodies Staff

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Not only has Joomla reached a record 30 Million downloads, but the Joomla Project is also very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Joomla 2.5.4. Chock full of security updates and a few new features as well. This new release is in fact slated as a security release, however there are several new features included. The Joomla Project Team sticks to their goal of providing the community with both regular and frequent updates which are simple to process and install. The security updates include both, a Low Priority – Core – Information Disclosure and a Low Priority – Core – XSS Vulnerability fix. The new features include an “add option” to show full CMS version number in them generator tag, “implementing Access levels for Content Languages” and a new feature which “make the auto-update process more reliable” across dissimilar hosts. Check out all the details here.