Internet Bug Bounty Project Raises $300,000

By HTMLGoodies Staff

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The Internet Bug Bounty (IBB) project has announced that it has raised $300,000 in additional funding. The group pays bounties to security researchers who find vulnerabilities in open source software applications that provide the foundation for the Web. "Microsoft, Facebook and HackerOne sponsored the IBB at inception," said Adam Bacchus, chief bounty officer at HackerOne. "Facebook has since renewed their sponsorship with $100,000, and GitHub and Ford Foundation have also now sponsored at $100,000 each."

All of the money donated to the IBB is used to fund payouts to security researchers.

The IBB came into existence in 2013, and since then has paid $616,350 in bug bounties. Last year, it gave out more than $150,000. One of the most high-profile bugs revealed through the IBB was 2014's Heartbleed flaw.

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