The JavaScript Diaries: Part 2

By Lee Underwood

That will wrap up our study for this installment. Practice writing variables and use the examples I have given you here. Remember to use your template and try them to make sure they work. Until then here are some questions. Until next time ...

Review Questions

Answers to these questions will be given in the next installment.

Multiple Choice
  1. A data type is:
    1. a letter
    2. a number
    3. both
  2. The four basic data types are:
    1. strings, numbers, BooBoos, and nulls
    2. strings, text, Booleans, and nulls
    3. strings, numbers, Booleans, and nulls
    4. strings, numbers, Booleans, and zeros
  3. To display a backslash, using an escape sequence, it would be written:
    1. /\
    2. //
    3. |backslash
    4. \\
  4. A variable is used to store:
    1. an escape sequence
    2. hidden script
    3. data
True or False
  1. Comment tags are used to hide script from new browsers.
  2. Variables cannot be used together with text strings.
  3. A string cannot have more than one set of quotes.
  4. HTML elements can be used inside of a string.
  5. A null data type returns a zero.
  6. Bob Dylan writes good music (I just wanted to make sure you were awake).
  7. A variable must be declared and initialized all on the same line.
  8. A variable name can begin with a number.

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