Banner Primers: Introduction

By Joe Burns

  Banner Primers
Learn to make your own advertising banner from scratch

Banner Primer #1: Introduction Here's an introduction to what we'll be doing and what programs you'll need to play along and make your own banners.

Banner Primer #2: Creating New Images
Here we'll walk through the process of creating and saving a new image. You'll need to do this to make a banner.

Banner Primer #3: Learning To Crop
Take one image and make it into many -- here's how.

Banner Primer #4: Copy And Paste
Here's where you learn to build your banner from the pieces you create.

Banner Primer #5: Text And Shadows
Learn how to make your banner talk.

Banner Primer #6: Animating the Image
It has to move or it's just another image.

Banner Primer #7: Activate the Image
This is a long essay on what to do with your banner, how to get it out there, how to place it on a page, and how to track how many times people use it to stop by and see you.

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