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CSS Frequently Asked Questions





I know how to center tables in an HTML file regardless of the screen resolution of the user but is there a way to center the layers (again regardless of the user screen resolution)?


You will want to position a layer using CSS and want the positioning to be in the middle of the screen regardless of screen size. You can do that giving percentages instead of pixels. Here is a sample code:


div.test {position:absolute; top: 50%;right: 50%}


<DIV class="test">Test</DIV>





Is it possible to have 2 different Visited Link colors for links on different parts of a page, e.g. a navigation bar different from the content?


Yes, it is possible to do this with help of classes. Basically, you have to give class names (e.g. <A HREF="file.html" class="content">Link Text</A>) to all your links. The links in the content section should have class="content" and the links in the navigation bar section should have class="nav". Then add these lines to your STYLE's:

a.nav:visited {color: red;}
a.content:visited {color: green;}

Basically this ensures that the anchors with the nav class that are visited will have a color of red and likewise for the content. You could also change fonts and actually do everything that stylesheets allow.

If you have many links in your content section, make life easier for yourself: Just add class="nav" to the navigation bar links and these two lines, instead of the two above to the styles.

a.nav:visited {color: red;}
a:visited {color: green;}

This way ALL your links' color will be green EXCEPT for those who are tagged as nav.


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