Web Design Goodies Critique #30

By Joe Burns

3. Concern: Speaking of the Photos link. Once I click, I get this:

Suggestion: You have a great many photos but they are not in any formal grouping. I simply get more buttons that proclaim photos. As I suggested above, group those photos together into like formats so that I can click on a grouping and see the photos I want. As it stands now, I am clicking blindly hoping to want what pops up.

4. Concern: I'm going to stay on the photos for another one. I clicked on the first photo link and got this page:

I have now clicked twice times and have yet to see an image. I'll need to click again to see the thumbnails and then yet again to see the image full size. That's four clicks to get one image. That is way too many clicks.

Suggestion: Once you group the images together, allow me to see the thumbs straight away. You've one too many clicks in there.

5. Concern: Still on the photos, once I see the thumbnails and look at a few, you give me no method to go back and choose another group of photos.

Suggestion: This one's easy. On the thumbnail page, provide some Back navigation that takes me back to the main photos page.

Overall: This is a site that you've obviously put together out of a true fan spirit. Colin knows of it and can see that you're worthy of putting the site together. It's a nice site and I knew what to do right away, you're just making me work too hard to get to what I want. See if you cannot streamline the site just enough so that surfing is a little easier.

Oh and look into putting a P flag after the banner ad at the top of the main page. The text is running up on it.

Nice site keep it up.


That's that.

Joe Burns, Ph.D.

Always Remember: When it comes to designing your Web site, the most important person is not you, but your user.

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