Web Design Goodies Critique #27

By Joe Burns

3. Concern: OK...your image on the left is active, the one of you on the phone. I clicked on it. I assumed since you are being shown as the operator that I would get information about contacting you so I could buy a system. Here's what I got:

I got you...bigger. Why?

Suggestion: Either lose the link altogether or make that link tell me how to get in touch with the company. The visual is you as an operator. I assumed that I would get an operator by clicking. Visuals suggest...make what happens equal to the suggestion.

4. Concern: Let me take you down the page a bit. I'll bet you cannot see this on the scan so take my word for what I'm telling you here.

Along the bottom of the page are a series of little, one- character links sending me to other pages on the system. Some load and some do not. What are they? There are two more along the bottom of the full page that go to other mock-ups of the page.

Suggestion: My guess is that these are internal links - meant for the company people to test or get information about something. If so - lose the links to them. Make a page that has no link going to it and give that link URL to your techs. They go to that page and there are all the links. As you have it now, I just kept clicking, trying to figure out what I was getting into.

5 Concern: This a common thing and I can guess why you have it. Each page has two equal formats of navigation. I can either use the applet or the drop down box in the top left. Do you have both because the applet doesn't always show?

Suggestion: If so - then lose the applet and go with text link equal along the bottom of the page. I'm a fan of one navigation bar. Lead people, don't put numerous choices before them and allow them to pick. Lead them.

Overall: I love my Dish System. I watch more movies than I should. I'm even getting into the Food Channel. I love the Two Fat Ladies.


That's that.

Joe Burns, Ph.D.

Always Remember: When it comes to designing your Web site, the most important person is not you, but your user.

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