Introduction to the Introduction

By Vince Barnes

Beginning at the beginning? That's the best place to start! If you know what the notion of a website is, but that's about it, then this non-technical introduction is for you!

Perhaps you know a little more than that, but are unsure of what to do next. The reason for providing this introduction is to give you a starting point for the entire process, not just for the technical aspects of the development.

This series of pages leads you through the preliminaries from your reasons to cosmetic design to content and functionality considerations.  It concludes with some thoughts about maintainability -- something you should be thinking about as you start on the technical stuff, but something that is all too often neglected.  We hope to start you off on the right foot



The Non-Technical Intro

Part 1 Why Create A Website?
Part 2 Where Do I Put My Website?
Part 3 The Importance of Design
Part 4 Layout, Color & Sound
Part 5 Web Site Content, What to Include
Part 6 Web Site Content - Style
Part 7 Web Site Functionality
Part 8 Web Site Maintainability







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