What's on HTML Goodies?

By Vince Barnes

Sure, we have the index down the left side of our pages, with categories and titles of sections and articles. but if you're new to the site, and especially if you're new to web development, those titles and categories might not help you too much  as far as knowing what the various offerings we have actually are, where to start and where to find the things you need.  That's where this piece comes in.  This is where we explain what the sections of the site are, and what their intended purposes are.

HTML Goodies intended purpose is to help new and growing website developers learn their trade, and to provide them with tips, guides and reference sets for their use as they become more accomplished.  To that end, we have arranged the site into sections that range from a completely non-technical introduction to the concepts involved in developing websites all the way through to keyword references.  The following is an overview of these various sections.


Beginning at the beginning with an introduction is simply the polite thing to do!  The very first section in our Index is therefore the INTRODUCTION section.  In here you find, first of all, a convenient link back to the Home Page so that if you get lost, you can get home with one click!  Then we tell you about HTML Goodies.  This piece is a part of the "About" section and its purpose was stated above.  Also in the "About section, you can find out the history of HTML Goodies, where it now fits among the members of its family of websites and you can find the most Frequently Asked Questions about the site and about the subjects it covers together, of course, with their answers!

There is also the Non-Technical Introduction.  If you are brand new to the world of Web Development, and maybe even new to computers in general, then this is the place for you to start.  It describes, in completely non-technical terms, the process you will go through to begin the creation of a website.  It's not about how to make the pages themselves, although there is some general background information that will help you when you do begin to make to create them, but about all the other things to consider before you begin.

There's also a link to the newsletter archive, where you'll find all the back issues of the Goodies To Go! newsletters.  On every page in the site you see the newsletter sign-up box, over there on the right..  Goodies To Go! is the way to keep up with what's going on in the world of the Web.  Every issue is packed with news, tips, tricks and ideas.  There's even a little trivia for entertainment!  To sign up, simply type in your email address and click the sign up button.  That's it!  Goodies To Go! will soon be speeding its weekly way to your Inbox!


The next section you see in the index is the Primers section.  The primers are a quick way to get you going with a language or skill you can use to develop web pages.  The first of the primers in the HTML Primer.  HTML is the base language from which web pages are made.  You will need to understand basic HTML no matter which other languages you choose to use, so if you're new to web page development, this is the first primer you'll need.  My second choice would be JavaScript.  JavaScript is extremely useful when it comes to adding neat features to your pages.  It is probably the most widely used web page language after HTML.

Other available primers include perl & cgi for those who wish to do some server side work (don't worry if you don't know what that means -- it will become clear to you!); asp, which is a powerful server side language native to, and most commonly found on Microsoft Windows based servers; Ad Banners, which will introduce you to some of the graphics  techniques you'll need if you wish to include advertising (or other types of) banners and pictures on your pages; database - sql introduces the basic techniques for attaching a database to your site to provide dynamic content and interactivity, which sounds like a real mouthful but is really a relatively simple but exciting way to add power to your site.



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