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FAQ Page 2

By Joe Burns

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91. Q. I'm doing a software engineering project at Adelaide University. We have to design a Web page using only ONE HTML file. I was wondering whether it is possible to encode pictures and place them into an HTML file, without the need to reference a separate picture file. If you can offer any help I would be extremely grateful.

A. Unless you create the pictures out of ASCII characters, then no. Images and text documents are separate files. You will need to reference one to get an image on the page.


92. Q. I think HTML is great. Just what I need. But I can't even open my file.

A. A couple of things could be wrong.

1. Did you make sure to save it as text only?
2. Did you make sure to add the .html extension?

Also check out this introduction to HTML.


93. Q. I want to be able to play a midi file when you click on a picture or a .jpg file. Is that possible and if so, how?

A. Just link right to the midi from the .jpg.

<A HREF="midi.midi"><IMG SRC="jpeg.jpeg"></A>

Also check out my tutorial for more info.


94. Q. In my "mailto:" guestbook, I copied the <Input type="submit"> thing in there, ran it, and it said:
"not allowed!" "POST action not allowed"

A. The server you are on does not support POST-type forms. My guess is that they will support GET-type forms. The problem is that the action in a mailto: guestbook has to be POST. Contact your server people and see if they can't change that for you and the other people on the machine. Check this out for more info.


95. Q. I read somewhere here that every user on the Internet has an IP, but that IP changes every time he disconnects from his ISP and re-connects. But I know this search engine that has a configuration you can set up for yourself, and save that configuration, and even if you disconnect from your ISP and re-connect it will identify you and your configuration will be the one you set. So, how does it recognize you?

A. It doesn't regognize you by IP but rather by the name given your computer or site. Or, in other cases such as with Webcrawler, it adds a cookie file to your drive and recognizes you that way.


96. Q. What are the commands for super- and subscript?

A. Try these. <SUP>text</SUP> and <SUB>text</SUB>


97. Q. How do you make a form cell bigger so the text is not so scrunched up in there? So your text has bigger cell room?

A. Add WIDTH="--" inside the TD command. Set the pixels to whatever you want. Check this out for more info.


98. Q. I have had a home page on the Internet for 14 months now, and I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to HTML. A few days ago, I decided I was going to create a new look for my main page to my home page. In the process of doing so, I created two tables: one that spans the top of the page, and one that spans vertically down the left side. There is space between the two tables. I have tried every command I know of to eliminate the space. I would like the two tables to intersect at that corner, and make it appear as if it is one table.

A. My assumption is that you already have ALIGN="left" in the first table so the two sit next to each other. Also, set the cellpadding to zero on both tables. You could try adding a BR CLEAR="all" command, but I don't know that that will work. Why not just make this one large table and make that open space just another cell? That way all would butt right up against each other perfectly.


99. Q. I have a server running off of my computer. Since my school has a full-time Ethernet connection running into my Macintosh, I have a static IP address and a connection faster than ISDN. Of course, is unattractive, so I need to find someone with a DNS server. When I had inquired in the past about Web page hosting and virtual domain names, I got quotes for about $30-$70 a month for X amount of Web space and a virtual domain, plus, of course, the $100 that InterNIC charges. But now, I don't need their space, I have my own server, but I need someone to host a virtual domain name for me. My question is, why should I be shelling out big bucks to have a virtual domain name if I am hosting pages on my own server--will any places with a DNS server just let me have a DNS entry on their DNS server? Since I have my own static IP address that will not be changing (at least until I graduate) and Ethernet connection, can I just register to be the domain name of my choice? I thank you in advance for any assistance or advice you can offer.

A. Not sure. That's a server to server decision. I would assume someone could assign the number to you in what they might term a "co-inhabit." Ask a few different ISPs. I'll bet you find one willing to help. It would seem that someone would allow you a hookup. The thing is, all this does cost a little money. I doubt you'll get it all for free.


100. Q. My problem is that I get the frames but the designated pages for each frame won't load into the frame. So I am left with a screen with the frame and no HTML. Maybe you can spot my error in my code:

<Frameset cols="25%,75%">
<Frame Name="A" SCR="SideMenu.htm">
<Frame Name="B" SCR="MainPage.htm">

A. First off, you need a TITLE command, but that's not the cause. You have SCR where it should be SRC. Check this out for more info.


101. Q. I tried the MULTICOL command, but I can't seem to make it do what I want. Is there a better way to do this? Or can I make MULTICOL work?

A. MS Explorer User? The MULTICOL commands don't work on MSIE. You'll need to do it by hand through the use of tables.


102. Q. I have the midi plug-in I'm supposed to have, but I still cannot get the midis on my site to play. I can hear other ones, just not mine.

A. Then it sounds to me like the server you are using might not have the MIME files set correctly to recognize or download midi files. Ask your server people about it. You might also want to check this out for more info.


103. Q. On my home page, I want the search engines like Webcrawler and stuff like that to find my page. Do I just type a bunch of words in black text on my page so it will find them? Please let me know what to do! Thanks!

A. What you want are META commands. See the tutorial for all that you need.


104. Q. I want a page jump, so I was pleased to find your page. However, after following your directions it did not work. Instead I got a message saying "cannot find folder/<A HREF=...".

A. HREF folder? That's a strange error. Were you sure to place the # in front of the code word? Also, remember that the full path is not needed. You need just put in the code word. Also, the place where it will jump to does not require the #. Just <A NAME="codeword">


105. Q. My background will show up on Internet Explorer browsers, but Netscape users can't see it. I have two pages on a different server, and a guestbook through Toast, and the backgrounds show up for both browsers on these pages. But my main page is on Angelfire's server, and the three pages I have on their server are the ones with the problem. Is there an HTML tag or code I can add to solve this problem?

A. Hmmm.... This only happens on the Angelfire pages, but only in Netscape. Man, that's wierd. I'm guessing here... is the bachground you are using on another server and you are just linking to it? Could it be that the background path is incorrect when the page is posted on the Angelfire server, but not when the page is on the other server? If these items don't help, send me just the command you are using for the background. Not the entire page, just the background commands.


106. Q. I have my heart set on a set of tabs running up the page on the right that will look as if it were in a notebook. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I'd appreciate any help in finding some.

A. Well, I've seen it a few times. Actually where, I'm not sure. Once you find it though, you might have a little trouble in that the spiral will probably run down the left side. You must be left-handed to want the opposite, correct? What you'll need to do is take the image, open it in a graphics program, and flip it so it's now a mirror image. Then extend it to the left. The more you extend it to the left, the more it will line up to the right. THEN you need to extend it to the right, also. The total width should be at least 1200. Without the extension to the right, the image will tile and lose the lining-up effect.


107. Q. I want to make an image map for my page. I don't understand. I have the .gif for the map and URLs but don't understand how to make it so it has numbers on it at all. I don't know where I messed up.

A. Have you downloaded a map-making program? You will need to do that. That map is too tough to eyeball or just guess at in terms of coordinate numbers. Go to Yahoo and search for Map Edit or Map This. You may also want to check this out for more info.


108. Q. I have a VERY BASIC Web site for my stock photo agency with one LARGE picture. I would like to replace the one large image with perhaps three smaller ones in a sort of collage or scrapbook fashion. I don't know how to do this.

A. You mean you're looking for a sort of random placing of images, like an offset triangle? Hmmm.... You could try making a multi-celled table, then off-setting the image by making some cells wider or lesser. That's how I would try it. HTML is pretty squared off. That's a tough call.


109. Q. I just thought I'd ask you a question about tables: How do you change the color of the border? Thanks for the help.

A. In later Netscape browsers, BORDERCOLOR="------" will work. Same thing with Explorer. If that doesn't work, here's a trick. (You must be using a background image to do it, though.) Enter both a BGCOLOR and the BACKGROUND command in your BODY command. The image will of course wipe over the color; however, that color will still come though in the borders of the tables. Neat trick.


110. Q. Do you know of any other way to justify text across the width of a column? The MULTICOL commands maybe?

A. Actually, no. The MULTICOL columns are created to fill the width of the page. I would use tables to denote a specific width for text.


111. Q. I love your site, I come to it often. A while ago I came across a script that will open a new window that won't show the toolbars and stuff at the top of the window. I saw you have a script for this in your JavaScript page, but it just opens another window. How do I open up a full page like that?

A. Use the same script, but extend the height and width to the full screen size. If you just want a new screen without the JavaScript being involved, add
TARGET="resource window"
into the HREF link. That will open a new browser window.


112. Q. I tried embedding a *.wav file and it works fine, only it won't start playing without being double clicked. I have the AUTOSTART=TRUE, but that doesn't seem to be helping at all.

A. Try AUTOSTART="yes".


113. Q. I was wondering if you know how I could create .wav files for my Web site.

A. I create .WAV files using my computer's stock sound recorder. My computer has a microphone and a CD player that I can record from. Plus I have a video card to capture from the TV or video tape. If you have Windows, you have one, too. If you'd like to get really fancy, grab a program called CoolEdit 96. The address escapes me at the moment, but it's shareware and allows for great sound editing.


114. Q. Someone mailed me the page explaining how to change the text size, but it was lost. I played around in your other areas, changing colors and all, but found nothing explaining the text enlargement... am I blind? Please show me where to find it, I would forever be in your debt!

A. No blindness, I'm sure. I have it all in one of the primers called Manipulating Text. You're right in that it isn't its own tutorial.


115. Q. I've been reading your page in HTML Goodies about how to get the stripe down the left-hand side, but I'm having a lot of trouble understanding your instructions, and I can't get it to work. I made my long and thin .gif image to use, but whenever I try to place it on my page as background, it just of course tiles across the whole complete page and doesn't make a stripe on the left like it's supposed to.

A. Those things can be very frustrating, but you'll get it! If the background image is tiling, then the image you have chosen for the background is not wide enough. The width of the image has to be at least 1200 pixels. Double or triple the image's width and you should be okay.


116. Q. I have a question about Java Applets. All the browser said was that the Applets cannot be found. I have put the class file in my directory and used chmod a+rx .class to make it readable and I still can't run it. I have talked to some people about my problems and they said I have to create a dir. and tell the program where the file can be found. Or is there something else I need to do? Can you please help me?

A. Applets do not need to be "turned on" through a change modification command. Nor do they need to sit in a specific directory. Now, you can create a code base directory and put them all in there, but it really isn't needed. The applet can sit in the same directory as the page that is calling for it and run just fine. In fact, you may be doing more harm than good by telling the computer that the applet can now be read and written to by other browsers.


117. Q. I would like to know of any reference material or information on setting up an Access 7.0 or 8.0 database on the Web so reports and queries can be run by the user. This would entail an HTML or Java page that would let the user input criteria for the report or database and then the results would show up on the Web.

A. I know it can be done, but how is a mystery to me. Is there a local college or university around that might have a wonderful young man or woman who would be glad to set the whole deal up for a small amount of money and the ability to place a job on his or her resume? I work at a college and I find the students are quite helpful. This may also offer some guidance.


118. Q. I'm not sure how to tackle this. What we want is information in tables (strictly text) about 12 different topics that, when clicked upon, will jump you to another section of the page. I seem to be able to do both independently of one another, but not together.

A. Problem: You will need to separate the one big table into many little tables for that to work. You see, browsers see tables as one entity. You cannot jump within or to another part. However, if you separate the information into many smaller tables, you can put a page jump at the top of each and the jump will work.


119. Q. I don't know if you explained this somewhere, and I missed it, but one cannot just slap a copyright symbol on his page and BOOM! You can file civil lawsuits against violators, can you? Doesn't the Library of Congress have to do something for that little symbol to go there, or can one just slap it on?

A. According to the FAQ distributed by the Government Copyright Office, a copyright is nothing that is granted. You place it on your item once it is in a recognizable form (a Web page). Registering with the copyright office simply stamps a date on it and files it away so you have a safety net showing when you registered it. If you slapped the copyright on before the violation, then yes, you can file lawsuits. But you have to prove in a court of law that you came first. That's why registering it helps a great deal.


120. Q. I was wondering if you know of any CGI or Java that can record the submitting domain, e-mail, or any useful information so I can at least feel better I knowing who's entering such messages. Even if I can get the information some of the time, I would feel better.

A. Not unless they want to give it to you. Just taking it is an invasion of privacy. A lot of the personal information you want is private. If you do use programming to get it, you must inform the people that you are doing so.

From Joe Smith

CGI programs can record $REMOTE_ADDR and $REMOTE_HOST, which does have the submitting domain (but not much else).


121. Q. About Java Applets. So you just cut and paste, or do you have to do what they call "compile" the code?

A. When you get the applet it should already be compiled into what's called a machine language. Just make sure to transfer it like it was a picture rather than text.


122. Q. I'm trying to make a link to another page I have made (in frames), but I have a little problem. My main page is not in frames and then when I want to return to the main page by a button I made in one of the frames the main page appears in the current frame. How do I disable the frames again?

A. You need to TARGET the HREF link back to the home page to "_top". That will open the page in the full window. Like so:

<A HREF="http://www.link.com" TARGET="_top">


123. Q. Hi. I'm making a page and want to do the Meta thing right the first time. Now, for all the keywords I put in, how many times do I repeat them for good search engine results; 10? 12? More? Thanks!

A. It used to be you could do it as many times as you wanted. Now, a lot of search engines see multiple words as spamming. I would only use each word two or three time max.


124. Q. I looked at your site. I need to get a template page, in which I can embed my own content.

A. I don't have any templates on my site. I don't believe in them. Think one should write the page from the bottom up.


125. Q. I use font face commands to change the font on my pages. They look great on mine and my dad's computer, but nothing happens when my friend looks at it. What happened?

A. The problem is that, as you state, the font you are requesting must be included on the person's machine. I know of no way at the moment to have the browser itself do the fonts -- I would just make a point of choosing different fonts that are still fairly common so you'll have a better chance of hitting the font on each computer.


126. Q. I'm thinking of starting my own Web publishing service and I was wondering what should I charge clients for publishing and graphics design?

A. I used to charge $40 an hour.


127. Q. My question is does the transparent .gif not work on a background image, only with background color?

A. Neither. The transparency is lost when the image is made into a page background.


128. Q. How do you make a simple mailto: guestbook on Explorer?

A. Only with a CGI. MSIE doesn't accept the form command for guestbooks at the moment. UPDATE: (1/17/97) MSIE 4.0 will now recognize the guestbook form deal.


129. Q. I have written a great Web page using tables and it looks just great in NETSCAPE, but when I have a look at it in AOL or MICROSOFT EXPLORER all the tables are messed up. Also, some of my graphics look awful in AOL. Please help....

A. I really can't. That's a big concern on the Internet. Browsers are not created equal. There are so many different color and screen settings that it is literally impossible to make equal visuals on all computers. Pick one browser to write to and write to it.


130. Q. I have a scanner and I was wondering how do you know what dpi (dots per inch) is the best? I thought the bigger was better, but after reading about your scanning service I am not quite sure.

A. The more dots, the more bytes, the slower the load. I go with 100dpi. The lowest I'll go is 72. 75 dpi is "life-size" on most monitors.


131. Q. Hello! Nice site you have here. Just wondering how your site got to be so popular? Lots of advertising?

A. I never advertised until late 1997. It just grew through word of mouth and the use of search engines.


132. Q. Can the META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" be used to refresh into a different frame?

A. Not that I know of. You see, changing one frame would mean that the page containing the META REFRESH above would be a source page in the frame cell. In that position, the META command is not run. Just the text is displayed.


133. Q. I have embedded some midi files. Whenever I play them, my location indicator disappears. Also, I was wondering how you get the cool controls that you have instead of the "double click to activate" like I have to?

A. The controls should come up by themselves if you have the correct plug-ins. If the files will not play I would suggest that you may have corrupted them in the process of exporting them to your server. Try again and make sure to send them as binary or raw data.


134. Q. I have my own page, and I just can't figure out the html for spacing my pictures that are on the same line. Is there a justification alignment code?

A. There is an ALIGN=left and right, but that wouldn't do what you want -- best way is to add spaces between them. Use this &nbsp; for each space you want to create.


135. Q. Is there a way to not have a Web site now and make one in HTML?

A. Yes; you can always create the pages off-line and save them to a disc. Then open the files in your browser off-line. Check this out for more info.


136. Q. What I am e-mailing you about is that I have an Internet home page with my local ISP. My home page's .gifs that I made are always dithered when viewed with windows in 256 color mode. I thought at first that maybe I'd have to set up Netscape to view them right, but then I saw that cat picture on one of your pages about images and it turned out perfectly cool. What's going on?

A. Actually, it's because I save my images non-interlaced. If you have a graphics program then you should have the ability to choose which way to do the saving.


137. Q. I want to start my own JavaScript site. I'm going to go and take all the scripts from another site to get me started. I'll be sure to give proper credit, though. I'll provide a link, too. Is that okay with you?

A. I should mention that my scripts were all given to me by the authors. That means I have written permission to post and distribute them. If you intend to distribute them from your own site, you will need to get the same permission. Now, there's nothing stopping you from just taking the scripts and posting them for other's to use, and maybe most of the authors won't care, but one or two might. I can tell you that I came darn close to a lawsuit one time when a JS was sent to me to post that wasn't from the person who sent it. Be very careful when you get started with this. Public domain does not mean free-for-all. Copyrights carry weight on the Internet. Just giving me credit will not suffice. I did not write the work. I never claimed to write the work. You need permission from the authors straightaway. In all honesty, I am not trying to stop you from doing this, heck if you start to outdraw me then maybe we can set up a banner exchange some day. I'm only letting you know that once you attempt to distribute anything on the Net that is not directly from you, copyright and ownership come into play. There's a reason everything on my site has a name attached, be it mine or someone else's. Proper credit and permission is important. Just thanking me won't do it. Check this out for more info.


138. Q. I'm going to write the tutorials all by myself but just look at yours to get the format down and to guide me along. I will give you credit for all that I take. So is this OK with you, Joe?

A. No. The problem is that I own the format and the rights on all of the tutorials. Writing a tutorial is not under my domain of course, but the format and the styles I use are. I welcome you to the tutorial business -- I believe in fair competition, but don't copy my work. You need to find your own style and your own format. You cannot just take and change mine and re-post it. Your work has to be substantially different than mine. Who knows, you may produce better work than me! Check this out for more info.


139. Q. I have re-done your first primer and was hoping you will grant me permission saying that I am not infringing upon your work. Can I keep the Primer?

A. No. I'll tell you my main concern right off the bat is that you called it a "primer." That means you have done little more than edit and alter my work. That is not enough. You are still in copyright violation. Please take it down.


140. Q. I have tried to find how to shadow letters, and take the line out of a link. With no solution, I need to turn to an expert on HTML, can you please help me with this problem.

A. You cannot shadow letters with HTML alone. That's done with a graphics program. Check the page with the letters; I guarantee they are an image.


141. Q. I want to ask you a question. I have noticed that some Web masters use images, such as a pop-star image, as the background image. The image is almost transparent. Do you know how to make such a image?

A. Almost transparent? You mean like a watermark? It may be an embossed image. Grab a graphics program called Paint Shop Pro -- it has an emboss filter on it that will do that.


142. Q. You have a great site and I was wondering where you get all of your information?

A. I write it all myself. Topics for tutorials come from readers mostly. I find answers to how things are done from a myriad of sources including my own server tech people, computer magazines, and other Web pages.


143. Q. How do you set up an e-mail to attach a file when clicked?

A. I'm not sure that you can through straight HTML.


144. Q. Which sounds format should I use on my Web page?

A. You can put sounds on your page in just about any form. MIDI is so big because it plays across all formats, but .wav and .au are both pretty popular. However, if you are interested in making sure that all viewers can play the sounds, I would offer different formats of the same file. I would go with .wav, .au, and RealAudio. There are two ways that I know of to make the sounds play straightaway: embedding and Dynamic Meta commands.


145. Q. I was wondering if you have any information about ".shtml"?

A. .shtml is an extension that denotes that that document must be "parsed" (as in: "text/x-server-parsed-html") or read by a CGI. I have banner rotating software that does all that for me and doesn't need .shtml. I just set the server to parse everything, not just the pages I denote.


146. Q. Is there a way to change the font size on an input text box on a form? I have not seen this in your tutorials and I am curious.

A. On browser version 4.0 or better, you can surround the input boxes with the FONT SIZE commands and the input text will be affected.


147. Q. I was reading your section about putting a stripe down the side of the page and having text line up by using a table. But, doesn't the pixel number you specify not always coincide with the size of the viewers monitors? For example: Here is the command you put on the page.


<TD ALIGN="----" WIDTH="###">
<TD ALIGN="----" WIDTH="###">


Now, say I filled in the width of the left cell as "102". How would I know what to fill in the right cell width with? Doesn't it depend on the monitor size that the view of the page has?

A. I think I also said that you could use percentages. I use pixels because they are exacting and my monitor is large. So when things squish down, the effect is lessened. The real messups come in going from smaller to larger. Again, use percentages. They will transfer much better than pixels in terms of small to large screens.


148. Q. How do I make a line longer, e.g., how can I stretch a line to fit the entire page?

A. You mean an <HR> line? I don't know that you can get it completely from side to side, but try adding WIDTH="100%" right after the HR inside the >. Lower percentages make it smaller, obviously. You can also add heights 1 through 6 to the same command. You can make it pretty big and wide.


149. Q. I keep seeing all these Zip files on the Internet. I have a MAC. Can I unZip them?

A. Yes. MAC users can unZip Zip files using a program called Stuffit Expander Deluxe.


150. Q. I just thought I'd ask you some questions about Web advertisers. I am currently getting from 475-525 visitors a week, and have recently passed the 10,000th visitor mark on my page. I am working on getting a domain, but I would need advertisers to help cover some of the costs. I feel I could be getting many more hits, but I am hesitant to send my page through some of the bigger engines (Yahoo, mainly), because, talking to other Web masters, a large percentage comes from Yahoo and other "organized" directories. They say if I send my page through that to "prove" how many hits I can get (like for an advertiser), then the link will not be updated when I get my own domain name.

A. Well, I can only speak from my own experience. I could not agree less. If I understand the logic correctly, you want to get more visitors, yet you do not want to put your page on the search engines where most visitors come from until you get a domain which will only come from getting more visitors. It's a vicious circle that you'll never get out of. As for not getting updated in the search engines, that should be the least of your worries. Get on them. Get on them all! You see, if you get a new domain you can always do an immediate re-direct on the pages already listed on the search engines. Believe me. There's a way to get around the name change. Get your site on the search engines. Your concern right now is traffic. Links will come later.


151. Q. My question relates to launching applications from within a Web page. Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about it?

A. You mean like Word or Excel? I don't think you'll be able to do that in the near future. The question that immediately comes to my mind is, where will the Excel program be that opens up? In the browser? On the server? The logistics are tough to figure out. This may all be figured out in the future, but right now, I don't know that you can do it.

From Joe Smith

If the server has "application/x-excel xls csv" set in the mime.types file, then <A HREF="december.csv">December's stats</A> will open up Excel. That's assuming that the PC has Excel and the association with "*.csv".


152. Q. I read your Java tutorials when I realized that people with older browsers couldn't see the body of my page. Is there a No Java command for Java-impaired browsers, like the noframes command for frames-impaired browsers?

A. There's <NOSCRIPT> you can use. In addition, I suggest you surround the script's text with so that it hides from lesser browsers.


153. Q. I'm having a problem getting my form to work on my page. When I click the "submit" button, it tells me that it can't send the message because I don't have an e-mailing program set up to work. Any suggestions you have will help me greatly.

A. You need to go into whatever browser you are using and set the e-mail preferences. Once you set them, all should run smoothly.


154. This was the first e-mail letter....
Q. I am having trouble with frames. If I tell you what I want, will you write the code out for me and send it back?

A. No. I'm sorry, but the teacher in me wants you to do it on your own. It'll be more gratifying and you'll be happier in the long run. Keep at it. You'll get it. Check this out for a little guidance.


155. This was the reply....
Q. Thanks for nothing. Your page s**ks.

A. You must be young. Soon enough you'll learn that you cannot rely on other people to do work for you. You will have to be your own helper. You may learn earlier that name-calling temper tantrums don't work either. This will probably get another nasty letter back from you. I don't mind. I'll just erase it. But it still won't get you the answer. Try forgetting to yell at me and put the effort toward your page.


156. Q. I would like to overlap two .gif images. How?

A. You can do it with layer commands, but then it will only be seen in Netscape 4.0. Why not get a graphics program and layer them straightaway?


157. Q. One problem Joe, I don't understand where to write stuff like FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="mailto:your e-mail address". Help the confused!

A. Ah! Easy fix: Write them inside the beginning form command like so:

<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="mailto:your e-mail address">


158. Q. Now, I was reading about forms and I understand you can only have the form on your page filled out and mailed to you through Netscape. Now, I also understand cgi-bin stuff and could use that but.... I'm using *** and they don't allow me to make directories! How else can I make it so I can receive the filled out form through Explorer?

A. Except for the 4.0 version of Explorer, you can't.


159. Q. I have a problem. I had a home page about the game Diablo. I had it registerd with Webcrawler and others, but I decided to change the subject. I did, and I didn't think that people will have to type Diablo in the search thing to get to my page. Well, my page has nothing to do with Diablo now so is there any way I can change what the keywords are? Can I type something in my page to make it work? Ex., can I type something like this: KEYWORDS=" keyword,keyword,keyword" and then /KEYWORDS?

A. You'll have to go to Webcrawler and the others and check with their policy on changing or altering links. Some search engines will do it, but it is way down on the priority list. Most do give you the ability to change, but I know of no way to do a blanket change in one fell swoop like you want to do.


160. Q. When I click on View, Document Source in Netscape 3.1, MS Imager is invoked, but doesn't recognize the file type. Any idea why?

A. MS Imager cannot read the HTML file, that's why the error. It is strange that an HTML document is bringing up that program. Try going into your associations, under FILE, and changing the association of HTML to the NotePad program.


161. Q. Can you break into my site? I mean could you if you really, really wanted to?

A. If you gave me the log-in and password, yes. Outside of that, it would be a heck of a fight guessing or finding out the passwords you used. Hopefully you created a very tough password to guess. That will help greatly with stopping someone from coming in. Also, no matter how good a friend, don't tell them your password. Things leak out in strange ways. Keep it all a secret.


162. Q. Where do you get those neat cartoon graphics?

A. I pay a caricature artist to draw them for me for 25 cents each. I usually buy a good many at a time. I then scan them as line-art, add a little color, and they go up. It's a fairly simple process.


163. Q. How do I know that what I am downloading does not have a virus? I mean, if it comes from like Microsoft or Netscape, it should be OK, right?

A. I refuse to say yes to any site no matter who they are. Be safe. Buy a virus program and use it. I wouldn't get one from the Net, either. I would do a store-bought deal. You can never be too careful these days.


164. Q. I recently upgraded my browser to Microsoft Internet Explorer, but sometimes it doesn't work. I have a JavaScript on my page and I can see it fine. It is the one that says Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening. But I went to another page and it said if you are reading this, you do NOT have a Java-enabled browser. What's up?

A. I have to believe the script telling you that you do not have a JS browser is incorrect if the other script is working.


165. Q. Is it possible to automatically reload a page once it is loaded? I know how to reload a page every second or two seconds, etc., but I don't know how to reload it only once.

A. I'm assuming you are using the meta refresh commands to reload it, yes? If so, do the same thing, but instead of reloading the same page, reload an exact duplicate without the meta commands at the top. It won't refresh itself, and the page updates once.


166. Q. None of the colors I put in are working. Why not? Here's what I put:



A. You need to place the command BODY before the BGCOLOR deal. Without it, the command doesn't know what the color commands are supposed to manipulate.


167. Q. I saw on the source of one page a reference to the JavaScript code that was somewhere else. How do I do that? Can I do that? Do you have a tutorial?

A. I haven't made one because I'm not sure it works across platforms yet. Here's the general idea: You save the JavaScript as name.js (in a text file format) and place it on the server. Then call for it from another browser like so:

<SCRIPT SRC="name.js">

I guess I don't understand why this is needed unless you want to run the same JavaScript on many pages, but there it is.


168. Q. How could the indentation for text be performed on the Web page with a pair of tags, such as <INDENT> instead of many &nbsp;?

A. I believe INDENT=5 does work. I use the space commands because they work on all platforms, not just later browsers.


169. Q. I tried "surrounding" two tables with one larger table, but I could not get it to work right. Since the top table scrolls across horizontally, and the other one is vertical, every time I try, one of the two tables gets distorted.

A. You are shooting for a table in a table. If it's getting distorted, I wonder if you are shutting off each TD and TR after each line. That distortion would be caused by forgetting them. Go back and check to see if you placed a </TR> and </TD> at the end of each cell data.


170. Q. How to I align text with an image?

A. Follow the same format you would if the table was an image. Add ALIGN="..." inside the main TABLE command. Like so:


Check this out for more info.


171. Q. I found a program that will stop cookies from coming into your browser. Do you want it?

A. I thought you already could stop cookies from entering your browser through the browser itself. I'm almost sure you can. See the Preferences or Options section of your browser. I think you can choose to have no cookies coming in.


172. Q. I would like to copyright it (my page) because my best friend on the Net seems to be copying little bits of my site very slowly. I am going to put the copyright symbol and date and my name at the bottom of my page, but most of the pictures on my page are from someone else's. Some are from **** and some are from other places. If I am surfing, and I see an image I like, I take it and I usually put it on my page. I would like to copyright my page, but I'm scared if I get a lawsuit from places. I also have the NBA and Laker logo on my site. I want to copyright my site, but not the pictures. How?

A. It sounds like you're following your friend's lead by taking a little bit here and there. You can copyright the page, but as you already know, you are using other images already under copyright. You're right in that placing a copyright would be claiming rights to an already copyrighted image. It's up to you whether to take the images down, but placing a copyright could get you into trouble. You're already in violation, but claiming copyright would compound it. You could state copyright on the page except the images, but that would be throwing up a red flag. You're on you own from here on out.


173. Q. In your spare time (grin), could you help with a tutorial on syntax? In other words, which commands must precede others in a command sequence? I discovered the existence of this mysterious hierarchy in working on my page, while attempting to bracket a large image between 2 smaller ones. I know how to do it now, thanks to some help; but I don't know WHY it is done that way.

A. It is that way because the language is linear. It didn't used to be that way. I don't like it either. Just try to remember to do the opposite on both sides. Like if you go BOLD, ITALIC, UNDERLINE on one side, go UNDERLINE, ITALIC, BOLD on the other.


174. Q. I couldn't get my form to work. I replaced the <....method=post> with <...method=send> and now it puts all the information in the To: option in my e-mail. Check it out! I hope you can tell me what I am doing wrong.

A. You could also try changing it to METHOD=GET. But I think you're going to find that your server is going to slight you again. It may not be designed to support POST. Ask your server people about it and if the server doesn't support POST, see if they can change the settings for you.


175. Q. Are you married?

A. Yup.



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