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Deploying Far and Wide

Intel XDK shines in its cross-platform reach. Once you’re application is complete, simply click the Build for app store button in the toolbar and then select Upload & build. Now you’ll see a page like this.

the Build for app store

The top row shows all the supported platforms you can target to build a native application. This final executable is suitable for app store upload to any store supporting that platform. The second row shows web-based platform targets, including Facebook apps and Chrome apps.

You’ll notice that some of the options have a button indicating issues to be fixed. These are usually relatively minor tweaks or additions that are either required or recommended for deployment to the given platform, like icons, splash screens and required certificates. This is a great reminder to aid in getting all your ducks in a row before your final deploy.

You can select ‘Fix issues’ to enter into a build wizard for the selected platform. The screens that follow, will hold your hand through the entire process, even if you’ve never built an app before.

Rolling Ahead, Full Steam!

If you’re excited about this environment and are eager to learn more, Intel provides a number of options – and all of them can be reached from one central hub - the App Learning Center.


Intel's App Learning Center

Videos are available for the phases of your development cycle and at the bottom you can access a list of articles on key topics, tutorials, forums and documentation for all the available APIs.

Oh and don’t miss the cheat-sheets!


Have fun!

About the Author

Bill Hatfield is the bestselling author of numerous books for software developers including ASP.NET For Dummies. He’s a Certified Microsoft Software Developer and Trainer and loves coding and sharing new technologies with others. He works from his home in Indianapolis, with his wife Melanie and two crazy kids, Bryce and Zoe.


This article is sponsored by Intel, but was independently written by the author.

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