Web Developers Bring On Your HTML5 for Microsoft Contest

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Microsoft this week announced a new competition designed to showcase the new features of HTML5. The contest, which is being called <A HREF="http://www.beautyoftheweb.com/dev/unplugged" TARGET="_new">Dev Unplugged, is said to be a contest which challenges web developers to take the modern web browser to its full potential--without the use of any plug-ins. 

By using HTML5 and related technologies (i.e. Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript), Microsoft believes that developers have the tools required to create interactive, high-def experiences that don't differ much at all from native apps. The Dev Unplugged contest is designed to provide a platform where developers can showcase their best efforts. 

Developers can register and submit their work beginning this week and ending on May 9, 2011. Microsoft is giving away prizes from two categories--one for gaming with a cash prize of $5000, and another for music with a cash prize of $5000. Apps in the music category must have a focus on creating a new way to listen to and consume music. 

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