Smart Applications with Google Prediction API

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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By using Google's advanced learning algorithms for dissecting data to provide potential outcomes, the Google Prediction API allows developers to create smarter applications, which in turn enables the creation of smarter gadgets and devices.
Ford Motors is using the Google Prediction API in its own research lab to make driving automobiles a more efficient process. By analyzing the route and locations that a driver regularly visits, it is able to make decisions based on those actions in order to more efficiently use energy, such as electric versus gasoline for particular trips and routes.

Developers can begin using the Google Prediction API by signing up for a free Google account and enabling the Google Prediction API and the Google Storage API in the APIs Console Project. It can be used to create recommendation systems, language identification, spam detection and more. Various client libraries are available to interact with the Google Prediction API, as it is REST-based.

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