ScientiaMobile Launches WURFL InFuze Device Detection Modules for Node.js and Python

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Scientia Mobile has released two new modules for its WURFL InFuze device detection solution that provide support for the Node.js and Python development platforms. Built upon WURFL InFuze’s high-performance C++ API, these modules return accurate device descriptions and capabilities that can be used with applications which need to handle a mobile dimension. Content services can deliver a web experience that is optimized to a user’s specific device. Data analysis applications can include analysis of mobile traffic to existing reporting tools.

WURFL InFuze for Node.js integrates with the Node.js platform to support the building of scalable, real-time applications. As an Add-on, Node.js exposes the WURFL InFuze library to Javascript, making device capabilities directly available to any Node.js application.

WURFL InFuze for Python is a flexible programming library that ties into WURFL InFuze’s C API. WURFL InFuze for Python provides tools so developers can easily integrate high-performance device detection into their Python code base. In addition to providing access to the WURFL Device Description Repository, WURFL InFuze for Python includes command line utilities suitable for optimization and analytics use cases. Continue reading this Press Release here.

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