Mozillas David Mandelin a New Leader in JavaScript Evolution

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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JavaScript began over 16 years ago as a Netscape project known as Mocha, led by developer Brendan Eich. This week Eich turned over the reigns to Mozilla's David Mandelin, who will continue development on the ubiquous scripting language.

Eich's recent article on the history of the JavaScript core, codenamed SpiderMonkey when it began, discusses the issues Eich ran into from the beginning of his work on JavaScript, and takes the reader all the way to its recent incarnation as an industry standard.

Google's decision to keep V8 in a closed environment for over 2 years is something that Eich discusses in the article as well, stating that he believes the move was detrimental to JavaScript in general, "It meant Apple and Mozilla had to climb the JIT learning curves on their own (at first; then finally with the benefit of being able to inspect V8 sources)."

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