MonkeyTalk: Enabling Functional Testing for Mobile Platforms

By HTMLGoodies Staff

While MonkeyTalk is, at the moment, only available in beta, the Gorilla Logic team is still recommending that users, specificly those who are currently testing Android apps, download and install today. Those user who are testing iOS apps using FoneMonkey can probably afford to wait for the finaly release since Gorilla Logic will continue to support FoneMonkey and the upgrades are specific to Android. The new MonkeyTalk beta will now offer users the ability to test both Android and iOS using just one tool. The new tool has been written to provide users with comprehensive support for QA testers allowing them to apply the same test scripts for both platforms thus providing much faster and accurate application delivery cycles. Test scripts can now be written in JavaScript or the MonkeyTalk language which provides high-level keyword and data-driven functional testing. Tests can now be written using either the MonkeyTalk IDE or a standard text editor then the tests can run unattended or they can be outsourced to Gorilla Logic through thier new Quality-as-a-Service offering. Read the full story here.


MonkeyTalk Preview Screen

Monkey Talk

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