HTML5 Gaining Importance To Developers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Web developers have had a long time to consider whether they should begin to learn and use HTML5, but recently, it has become an important consideration for web and mobile app developers. The final key will be the standardization of HTML5 in 2014, but many developers aren't waiting.

The mobile marketplace has expanded to include Apple's iOS, Google's Android, RIM's BlackBerry and Microsoft's Windows Phone platforms, and is continuing to grow. HTML5 is one technology that can be used across all of these mobile platforms, with functionality that may rival native apps.

The principal analyst of IT solutions at Ovum, Michael Azoff, believes that developers are more interested in finding economical, cross-platform solutions for app development. He went on to say that "This expansion has pushed HTML5 forward as a common denominator. HTML5 today is consistent enough to be a good choice on smart mobile devices."

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