Google V8 Javascript Engine Gets a Little Spicy

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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As mentioned on the Chrome blog, both of Google’s current releases of Chrome including developer and beta channel releases will now include a new version of their V8 engine. The new engine uses a new counters-based algorithm in order to help the browser decide which functions running should be optimized in that millisecond. Google is boasting a near 25 percent speed increase for their new Chrome browser, stating that the new V8 engine will compile the JavaScript code in two stages. These two stages include, deciding which code to optimize, then optimizing the machine code whereas in the previous version, the V8 engine would stop every millisecond in order to analyze which functions where resident in memory and decide from there which functions to optimize, with no more delay, these milliseconds no longer add up and the browser screams like top fuel funny car. Read on right here.  

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