Developers Go Mobile With Windows Azure Toolkits for Devices

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Microsoft this week announced the Windows Azure Toolkits for Devices, a set of toolkits designed to allow developers to build mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Azure Toolkits for Devices uses cloud services to speed up the development of apps for mobile devices.

VP of Mobile Business Developer & Partnerships at Groupon, Michael Shim, is excited about the release, stating that "At Groupon, we recognize that people aren't tied to their computers and want to get deals—whenever and wherever they happen to be. Taking advantage of the Windows Azure Toolkits for Mobile Devices, we can rely on a common back-end to create consistent, next-generation mobile experiences like real-time notification services that integrate into each phone’s home screen and app experience."

Microsoft sees Azure as a way for developers to create applications that work across multiple platforms and devices, all using cloud services. By using data and logic within Azure services, developers don't have to write as much code, which speeds up the application development process.

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