DDoS Attacks Are Declining, But Getting Bigger

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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The good news for Web developers is that their websites are less likely to be the victim of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, but that bad news is that if a DDoS attack comes your way, it is much more likely to be successful. A new report from Verisign finds that DDoS attacks dropped 23 percent in the first quarter, but the average size of the attack climbed 26 percent. The report also noted that attacks are becoming more sophisticated, using more attack vectors.

In the most intense DDoS attack documented by the researchers, attackers "sent a flood of traffic to the targeted network in excess of 60 Gbps for more than 15 hours. The attackers were very persistent in their attempts to disrupt the victim’s network by sending attack traffic on a daily basis for over two weeks."

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