Create HTML5 Games With GameSalad's "No Coding" Tool Suite

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Using a new suite of tools released by GameSalad, even non-programmers can create games using HTML5. By using a drag-and-drop interface, users can create games without knowing any programming, and the games will work on iPhone and Android devices, along with standard web browsers.

The suite of tools will work best with the latest web browsers, but it will also support canvas, so older browsers will still be able to still play the games if they provide basic HTML5 support. Users will be able to create games and embed them in a fashion similar to embedding a YouTube video.

Games created with Gameland's tool suite can be submitted to the Chrome Store, allowing people who do not consider themselves to be game developers to jump into game development with a minimum effort. Thus far, over 18,000 games have been created using GameSalad tools.

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