/daily_news/article.php/416322/Report-Surveys-Adoption-of-Cloud-Computing-by-Developers.htm Report Surveys Adoption of Cloud Computing by Developers

Report Surveys Adoption of Cloud Computing by Developers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Cloud computing has been gaining the interest of developers recently, with many looking to gain the attention of web businesses eager to host apps on a private cloud. A report entitled "Cloud Development Survey Volume I, 2010" was based on a survey of developers who were asked about their concerns about cloud computing, as well as their current level of adoption of the technology.

The report, created from Evans Data Corporation, discusses many cloud computing issues, such as private cloud versus public cloud, private cloud management and data centers, standards and organizations, security, wireless cloud services, tool use, licensing, languages and apps that are likely to be among to the first to take advantage of cloud services.

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