/daily_news/article.php/407342/Will-Apple-Release-an-Xcode-IDE-for-HTML-5-Development.htm Will Apple Release an Xcode IDE for HTML 5 Development?

Will Apple Release an Xcode IDE for HTML 5 Development?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

With the beta release of Apple's Xcode 4 IDE, the developer community was provided with a viable tool for creating iPhone and iPad applications. The big question is, will Apple release a similar product for the development of HTML 5 web content.

Apple previewed Xcode 4 at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference this summer, and recently released a beta version of Xcode 4 to members of its developer program. Developers were pleasantly surprised to note that this release enables them to create applications for the Mac OS X, as well as iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPod.

Although the new release has been well received, developers are eager to learn if Apple has plans to release a similar tool for web development, which could be used to create HTML 5 content for the web, digital books and web apps which could be used on the iPad, iTunes LP and iTunes Extras content.

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