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Wordpress 3.0 Content Management System (CMS) Released

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The latest version of WordPress, version 3.0, was released today. This latest release includes over 2,700 changes, including 1,217 bug fixes that were provided by volunteers from the WordPress developer community.

New features include the ability to run multiple blogs. Previously each blog had to be run on a separate copy of WordPress, while administrators had to use another version of WordPress (called WordPress MU) that was customized for multiple blogs. With this release, WordPress MU is integrated with the main version of the CMS, so it will be easier to install and use.

Another feature that is sure to be popular is the ability to create custom post types, similar to the functionality currently provided by the Drupal CMS. Adriaan Bloem, an analyst for the CMS research and consulting firm Real Story Group, stated "WP is starting to cross over into web content management system territory. It's already used to power many non-blog Web sites, but as a system, it's now starting to look more like Drupal."

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