State of the Web in 2010: CSS3, HTML5, JQuery Use Growing

By HTMLGoodies Staff

A recent survey on the State of Web Development 2010 was taken by professional web designers and developers who answered 50 questions about web technology topics. Not surprisingly, the study found increased use of technologies such as jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5 since the last survey, which was conducted in late 2008.

As far as operating systems, web developers prefer the Mac OS, with 50% preferring that OS over Windows which only 41% of those surveyed reported using, which is down from the 2008 survey. On the other hand, while Internet Explorer still maintains a lead among internet users in general, web developers strongly prefer Firefox according to the survey.

While HTML5 is continuing to rise in use, only 7% said they normally use the language, and 21% said they sometimes use it. There were fewer developers who said they never use it at all. The most often used Application Programming Interfaces (API) were geolocation and client-side storage.

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