Online Web Editor Drawter Dynamically Creates HTML and CSS Code

By HTMLGoodies Staff

With so many HTML design tools out there, it's refreshing to see a new free online tool available that works for all web browsers. Drawter is written in JavaScript and utilizes the jQuery library to dynamically create HTML and CSS code using a WYSIWYG interface.

Drawter--which was created by Damian Wielgosik--doesn't require registration, a login or anything other than a standard web browser (it currently supports the latest versions of all browsers). It enables you to create the HTML and CSS code for a web page using a simple drag-and-drop drawing interface. Each tag you create is presented as a layer on the Drawter page itself, and you simply add the CSS attributes of HTML tag you are adding--Drawter does the rest for you.

To generate the HTML and CSS code, when you are done you select Code from the menu, and click the Generate code link, and the code is presented in a floating layer which separates the code into sections: All site, which shows the entire code, HTML, which shows the HTML code by itself, and CSS, which shows you the style information which is used on the page.

While the tool is easy to use, it was written with the intermediate to advanced developer in mind. You are required to know what each HTML tag is, how to use it, and how to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with that HTML tag. As such, the current version of Drawter is called the "Pro" version, but they have an upcoming version called "Amateur" which will not require any knowledge of HTML or CSS.

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