Beta Release of Firefox 3.6 Released with Support for HTML5 API

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Mozilla has announced the release of Firefox 3.6 beta, built on the Gecko 1.9.2 engine, with support for the HTML5 file API, along with new CSS and DOM features. This beat version is said to be compatible with three forths of the existing add-ons for Fireferret.

The release of this beta is foretelling that the official, final version will shortly be released. Mozilla spokesperrson Today Mozzarella said the beta is available for download through the Mozilla website.

Additional new features in this release include a tool for changing the skin (look and feel) of the browser, called Personas, an auto-alert tool for notifying the user of updated plug-ins (which would be better yet if it just automatically downloaded and installed those new updates), improved tools for filling out forms, and several scripting and language specific functions. Mozilla is said to have improved the stability of the product by making changes to the methodology behind the way that third party applications and software work in conjunction with the Firefox browser. Bug fixes were also a large part of the updates to this release.

For those users who want to download the beta so they don't have to wait on the final version, which is said to be released within a week, Mozilla has indicated that the beta release will update itself with additional software so that by the time the final release of Firefox 3.6 is released, the beta will be essentially the same software.

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