Developers Excited about Bombax Mac OS X Web Development Platform

By HTMLGoodies Staff

While there are plenty of web development platforms available for the Microsoft Windows operating system, Mac developers have been limited to the available platforms that were available. They will be happy to learn that Bombaxtic has this week released a Mac OS X web development platform called Bombax, albiet in beta.

The Bombax web application platform fully utilizes Cocoa, Apple's Objective C-based programing framework for the Mac OS X operating system, and as such, was designed specifically for the Max OS. About time, Mac developers have already said. If you've already developed applications for the iPhone or OS X, you already have the skills required to develop using Bombax.

When a person develops a Bombax web application, they create a BxApp, which is a fully compiled Cocoa application which utilizes the Bombaxtic framework. An added benefit is that BxApps are more memory and CPU efficient than any other types of web applications. Performance intensive code is able to run as much as several orders of magnitude faster than PHP and other commonly used languages. These "BxApps" can also use low-level optimizations including multicore and SIMD programming.

Because BXML (the BombaX Markup Language) is relatively easy to embed Objective-C code directly into HTML documents like one would with JSP or PHP, it improves development productivity and efficiency.

Developers can download the free beta version of Bombax, which includes the server application, Bombaxtic framework, Xcode support and documentation, from the Bombax website download area.

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