E-Commerce Journal Part 1 Page 2

By Joe Burns


My wife gravitated toward a street artist who was selling larger oils. She talked with him for a while and was fairly convinced that his work was real. Much of the art in Rome is lithographed or painted by a computer. Be careful what you buy when you go. She offered to buy a piece. I didn't actually hear any of this conversation. A pigeon had used my head for target practice and I was away in one of the Cafe bathrooms.

She asked the artist if he would be willing to sell her everything he had for $3000.00. It was an arbitrary figure. She pulled it out of the clear night sky. He said yes. She paid for the one painting, thanked him, met me and my newly clean head, and told me of the conversation.

We literally stayed up all night talking the idea through. Could a Web site be created that would sell the art we love so much? Could a site be created that was dedicated to the art created by the talented street artists we saw everywhere we went?

Sure. Why not? We took sheets of paper and mapped out the entire site, listing element after element that would be required if this thing ever did get off of the ground. We listed name after name that we'd like to call the site. It was great. We saw the sun come up.

We left for home a day later. This could work. We could create a Web site that would combine the two loves of our lives, traveling, and street art. My wife could make her living doing just what she loved to do. Go figure.

We would keep our eyes focused on Europe at first. We would buy only art from Italy, France, and the U.K. Why? I don't really know. That's just what she decided.

The Name

It wasn't even in question: if we were going to open an online e-business art gallery, we were going to do it correctly. At this point in time, we hadn't even considered how we would bankroll this thing. Right now we needed the perfect name. Besides, it doesn't cost to look or to dream.

We would have our own domain. We would buy the name and other names related to our name so we wouldn't get cybersquatted. We would buy names for the future so if the business expanded, we would have domain names that would allow us to branch out.

Like most people who consider starting an e-business, we began by searching for the names that we thought were best and seeing if anyone owned then. Our top two domain name choices were: StreetArt.com and/or StreetArtist.com. Darn. Someone owned them.

That didn't put us down and out. We could perform a whois search and see if the person who did own the domain was happy with their domain name and if they would be interested in selling it to us.

Next: Acquiring the Domain Name

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