Adding Images to Your MySpace Profile

By Lee Underwood


Upload the photos you want to use to your account. Then, obtain the URL of the particular photo you want. Once you have done that, create the HTML link to the photo, e.g.:

<img src="http://www.flickr.com/photos/132375_0ca82ae31e.jpg">

In the [Edit Profile] portion of your MySpace account, place the link in the section on the page where you want it displayed.

You can also create a Flickr badge to display on the page. Complete instructions are given on the Flickr Web site.

Other Image Hosting Sites

Whatever image hosting site you choose to use, you should be able to find out how to link to the images in their help section. After all, that is a large part of the reason why they exist. If not, you can always ask questions over on the WebDeveloper.com forums.

Linking to Images Already on MySpace

If you want to display an image that is already on MySpace, you'll need to use a specific method for finding the link to it. Generally, when trying to determine the link to an image, it's easy to find it by hovering over it, right-clicking the mouse, and doing a "Copy link location" [Firefox] or "Copy shortcut" [IE]. However, if you try using that method to directly link to an image located on MySpace, it will automatically be removed and you'll be left with a ".." on your page where the image was to be displayed. But do not despair, there is an easy way to do it.

You'll need to use the Firefox browser to do this (you might be able to do it with IE but I'm not sure how). This technique uses the Web Developer toolbar addon by Chris Pederick.

First, find the page with the image you want to use. Then, on the Web Developer toolbar, click on the "Images" dropdown link. Then select "Display Image Paths". Now, on the Web page you should see the path to each image, highlighted in yellow, as shown at the right. Sometimes the path, without the domain, may be shown, e.g., /images/profile/forward_1.gif. Be sure to add the rest of the URL so the browser will know where to look. Also, highlight and copy the URL directly from the page itself. Don't do a "Copy link location" [Firefox] or "Copy shortcut" [IE] maneuver as it won't work.

Then, in the [Edit Profile] portion of your MySpace account, place the link in the section on the page where you want it displayed, using the img tag:

<img src="http://a947.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/10/m_908dd0ae9835a2b087ea9d8d59545daa.jpg">

(Note: This technique is for linking to images on MySpace only. Do not use it to link to sites other than your own or image hosting sites.)

Using MySpace Apps

MySpace has added the ability to create "apps". Basically, according to the MySpace Web site, the "MySpace Developer Platform (MDP) allows developers to create applications that interact with MySpace members and their social data. With MDP you will be able to create compelling new products that integrate directly into MySpace pages and get exposure to millions of people around the world." You can find a complete listing of existing apps on the MySpace site. If you look under "Photos," you'll find a large list of apps that can be used for displaying and manipulating photos.

Recently, Photobucket created an app called "Top Pics". You can use this to display photos from Photobucket and MySpace, in a grid pattern.


That should just about cover it. With a little bit of imagination, you can create a dynamic MySpace page that will stand out from all the rest. Have fun! And don't forget to drop by my page and leave a comment!

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