Google Webmaster Tools: What Have You Done for Me Lately

By - Tyme

Crawler Access

On the Crawler Access page, you can generate a robots.txt file or test an existing one. The Remove URL feature allows you to easily submit a request to Google to remove specific pages of your site that have already been indexed and appear in search results. You might wish to do this if you forgot to 'disallow' a folder or files of your site through the robots.txt file.

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Your Site on the Web

This section is the area you will most often monitor. While Webmaster Tools is no substitute for Google Analytics (the mother of all site statistics), it does provide a nice quick glance at site usage information. The best feature is "Top search queries" that shows search strings that listed your site and the position of your site in those search results. It also shows the click-through rate (number of users who visited your site) for each of those search strings. And, you can show that information by last 7 days, past 2 weeks, or one of the last 6 months.

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Other go-to features of this section are review of your keywords, as Google identifies them, and the links to your site.

There is much more to Webmaster Tools than has been covered in this brief overview. Suffice it to say, if you ask "Google Webmaster Tools, what have you done for me lately", clearly you have not explored this toolbox.

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