PC Security

By Vince Barnes

Your computer is a valuable working tool -
Protect it!


Some people use their computers for little more than expensive games machines.  Others, like those who read these pages, use them to create the wonders that make up the World Wide Web.  To this latter group the computer is a valuable working tool.  They need it to work when they want to work.  They need it to keep their programs and data just like they expect it to.  They need it to keep their information safe and private.  Since you're reading this page, you are most likely one of this group!

This section has been created to provide advice and resources to help you secure your computer.  Remember that security in a computer is not an accomplishment; it is a process that must be worked on all the time.  We strongly recommend that you apply all the measures discussed in these articles, and that you keep working to protect your programs and data, your personal information and the fruit of your creativity.

Anti-Virus:  swatting maliciousnesses various!

Is there always a need for anti-virus software? Under which circumstances do you really need it, and under which is it not really necessary?

Anti Spy - keeping out other undesirables

Some web surfers don't mind having people watch what they do.  others don't like the idea at all.  Whichever category you fall into, you should at least make an informed decision.  Do you need anti-spyware?

Firewalls: keeping intruders at bay

Your Anti-Virus is in place. It's bang up to date. You're all set, right?  Not at all!  You still have to keep out those intruders.

Physical Security:  the forgotten protection

There are special consideration when it comes to the physical security of your PC.  Don't fall victim to the forgotten risk.

The Three Golden Rules

Oh yes!  There are three golden rules when it comes to computing!  Do you what they are?


Other Resources:

Microsoft's Security Pages

Visit Microsoft's three steps to a safer PC.

AntiOnline - Maximum Security for a Connected World

THE forum for security minded computer users!  If you haven't checked it out, do yourself a favor and check in!

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