/beyond/javascript/article.php/3471101/The-JavaScript-Goodies-Book.htm The JavaScript Goodies Book

The JavaScript Goodies Book

By Joe Burns

and Andree Growney Three Sample Lessons


     During the summer of 1998, Andree Growney and I went just about crazy trying to write a
30-Step JavaScript Primer Series to be posted on HTML Goodies. The project was quite an undertaking, but proved to be extremely popular with readers.

     From the beginning, we thought we might be able to pitch the idea of turning this primer series into a book by Macmillan and EarthWeb Press. They read the Primer Series, looked at the reader e-mail, and gave the project the go-ahead.

     The result will be the JavaScript Goodies Book. Sorry I can't show you a picture of the cover, but as of 3/21/99, I am still in final re-writes. Here's the general scoop.

The JavaScript Goodies Book will have:

  • 9 Chapters
  • 55 Lessons
  • 110 Scripts in all (55 from the lessons, and 55 assignments)
  • The book is fully supported on the HTML Goodies Web site
  • The book's technical editor was a JavaScript programmer from Netscape Inc.
  • It was written by Andree and me!

     Get ready to learn JavaScript. This book will show you how in the simplest format I've ever seen. Rather than tell you what to do, each lesson offers a fully functioning script, then tears it apart. You put it back together, and alter it, in the assignment at the end of each lesson.

     You will learn JavaScript.

     Below are links to three of the lessons from the upcoming JavaScript Goodies book. Enjoy them. Hopefully they'll give you a script you can use to whet your appetite so you'll grab the book to see the other 52 lessons!
     We've chosen three scripts that will appear later in the book, so some of the concepts are hit pretty quickly. If you were reading this in the book's text, an earlier lesson would have hit the element a lot harder. Enjoy the lessons.

A Quiz Script

A Form Validation Script

A Self-Typing Typewriter
(This one won't run in Microsoft Explorer)

     Except for very few re-writes (for flow) and not posting the assignment section of the lesson, this is the text that appears in the book.


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